Helpful Tips on How to Eat Healthy at a Buffet

Helpful Tips on How to Eat Healthy at a Buffet

It’s an obvious fact that in most cases, you enter an “all you can eat buffet” like in the excellent Bacchanal in Las Vegas, and you can say goodbye to your weight-loss diet. It’s almost impossible to resist the sheer quantity of food available. There are plenty of different dishes from a wide range of different cuisines, and it’s too tempting not to sample them all.

The truth of the matter is that if you’re trying to lose weight, then a buffet at a casino table is not the best place for you. But if for some reason, you find yourself there, there are some things you can do that may reduce the damage.

Sit Far Way from the Food

Plenty of studies have already revealed that in most cases, the obese diners tend to sit closer to the buffet. And that’s a problem for you if you do the same. It’s best that you sit farther away so you’re less likely to be tempted by the scrumptious aroma and sight of the food. And even if you’re already far away from the food, sit so that you’re facing away from the buffet.

Check Out All the Dishes First

Don’t get into the line and then just pile on all the food you happen to like. You’re more apt to end up with too much food, and most of those dishes may not be all that good for your weight.

Instead, go see everything first. Sometimes the most delicious dishes are among the last food items you see. You can then plan your meal and take down some notes on your smartphone. Even if you pick a few tasty but calorie-heavy food items, you can still balance out your meal with more nutritious choices.

And if you stick to the list you made, you’re less likely to just go overboard.

Begin with a Salad or a Broth-Based Soup

These are good ways to sate that initial hunger. Salad tends to include lots of fiber, which makes you feel full. And the same goes for the broth-based soup, which also doesn’t come with too many calories.

For the salads, you might get a lot of calories if you aren’t careful. So, skip the croutons and the fried salad toppers. Get light dressing, and dip instead of pour the dressing.

Go with Lots of Veggies

This is an obvious tactic for weight loss. The veggies will help make you feel full, and they don’t load you up with too many calories. Just avoid the veggies with too much oil or butter.

Don’t’ Forget Your Protein

This is easier if you’re not a vegetarian. Go with some meat. They’re not only delicious, but they also give you lots of protein. The protein makes you feel full, while it also helps you to build muscles that jump-start your metabolism.

Say “No” to Fried or Creamy

When you get you meat, try to avoid the fried. You’re better off with grilled chicken instead of fried chicken. You can also go with the baked or boiled options.

As for your sauces, go with tomato-based. Creamy sauces come with too many calories.

Drink Lots of Water

Not only will that help make you feel full, but water doesn’t have as many calories as soda or juice.

Going Back for Seconds? Wait 10 Minutes First

It actually takes a bit of time for your brain to understand the signals set by your stomach. If you wait 10 minutes, that gives your brain enough time to realize that you’re already satiated.

Go with Fruit for Dessert

Any other dessert will just load you up with lots of sugar and calories. Add a cup of coffee with the fruit, and you’re all done!

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