The Most Cost Efficient Food To Get At A Buffet Line

If you’re more the type of person to think about how much money you’re spending on food rather than maximizing your stomach for the experience, then this list will show you what foods to get at a buffet line. There are always better options to get in a buffet and that usually means getting the pricey ones – seafood, desserts, and meat.

Here’s a list of “cost-efficient” food to get at a buffet line. Keep this in mind on your next visit to Borgata Buffet or MGM Buffet!

1. Meats

They’re always expensive and it’s the most reasonable choice from the selection. You can get steaks, an unlimited amount of chicken, beef cuts, or veal. The choices are endless and buffet lines just made it affordable for anyone to eat expensive cuts. 

Although the quality might not be the same as that of other restaurants specializing in meat, people who are on a budget can take advantage of the situation. The type of buffet restaurant also affects what type of meats are being served – Asian buffets will serve fish or pork as standard.

2. Shrimp

Depending on the restaurant, eating shrimp may be the best choice there is. They’re up at the top with steaks and they are costly to prepare. Although lobsters are rarely seen in buffets, indulge yourself if you get the chance to see the dish.

3. Start with gourmet food.

Gourmet foods are difficult to prepare. These foods usually have ingredients that you don’t find in your kitchen. Starting with these items gives you the most for your money. 

In addition to being difficult to prepare, the ingredients used to make these dishes may be expensive. 

4. Pick food you don’t cook.

One of the most common mistakes for people going to a buffet restaurant is eating the same thing they eat at home. Although they’re left free to choose their own dishes, they’re missing out on other types of dishes available. 

Always choose food you don’t normally eat, or haven’t eaten yet, so you feel like the meal is a treat for yourself.

5. Sushi is worth the extra payment.

Gourmet food, which includes raw food like sushi, are usually charged extra. This is fine – if you can afford to pay the extra couple of dollars then you’re in for a treat. Policies on raw food are strict and they will have better preparation compared to the dishes presented in the line.

6. Eating healthy is cost efficient.

A cost efficient food at a buffet is healthy food. You can’t argue that not having a chronic disease is better than suffering yearly hypertension from overeating buttered shrimps at a buffet. You can get salads as appetizers for a buffet and not feel full on your second or third plate.

7. Enjoy your food!

Sometimes we think too much about how many bills we’re going to draw from our wallets to enjoy food at a buffet restaurant. Most restaurants are more than just the food and they’re providing an experience. Making sure to enjoy your time at a buffet restaurant is always worth every penny spent.

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