Hartz Chicken Buffet Pricing Made Simple

Updated: December 20, 2023

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By: Angela Harper

Hartz Chicken Buffet is a dining place with a specialty in preparing crunchy and juicy chicken meals (and more). The Hartz Chicken Buffet win over their customers with a combination of good food and good ambiance, coupled with reasonable and competitive prices perfect for anyone looking to binge on their favorite comfort food.

Below are the latest Hartz Chicken Buffet prices.

Item Price

Krispy Chicken Combos

With reg side, roll and reg drink
#7. 3 Pc Dark Combo $9.79
#8. 3 Pc White Combo $11.74
#5. 2 Pc Dark Combo $8.49
#6. 2 Pc White Combo $9.49

Oven Fresh Yeast Rolls

Freshly made for you all day.
Yeast Roll $0.95

Liver, Gizzards & Tejas Wings

8 Tejas Wing Combo $10.59

Livers, Gizzards & Tejas Wings

#14. 8 Tejas Wings Combo $11.66

Kid's Combos

16. Kid's Tender Combo $7.67
15. Kid's Chicken Combo $7.01

Family Orders

#1. 8 Pc Mixed $23.66
#20. 12 PCS KRISPY FISH $24.29

Krispy Fish Every Day

#18. 3 Pcs Krispy Fish $10.99
#17. 2 Pcs Krispy Fish $9.66
#19. 6 Pcs Krispy Fish $13.32

Vegetables & Sides

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy $2.60
Creamy Coleslaw $2.50
Pinto Beans and Rice $2.61
Vegetable of the Day $2.45
Krispy Fries $2.62
Mac and Cheese $2.47
Crispy Fries $2.90
Krispy Okra $2.70
Crispy Okra $2.67
Jalapeños $0.53
Loose Corn $2.92
Green Beans $2.93
Corn on the Cob $1.58
3 Corn On The Cob $5.06
4 Jalapeños $2.65


Fruit Cobbler $2.71
Bread Pudding $2.80


Fountain Drink $2.19
Large drink $2.52
Fountain Drinks $1.92
Small drink $1.96
Iced Tea $2.10
Gallon Tea $6.32
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About Hartz Chicken Buffet

Hartz Chicken Buffet’s menu is designed to let customers have a taste of at least everything. There are meals designed for a single person, kids, and groups or families. There are also meal sets that allow customers to taste different varieties of chicken such as the 4, 16, 7, and 24 Tender combo. All of these have regular sides,  rolls, and at least one regular drink.

For more “exotic” food, they have liver, gizzards and Tejax wings, the latter which come in 6s, 12, 20, or 40 pieces.

Hartz Chicken Buffet, although not in any way directly related to Louisiana, serves Krispy fish. And that’s not crispy with a “c”. (It’s probably their proximity to the state known for their flavorful Cajun dishes, but otherwise they source seafood from the nearest fisheries.)

Aside from the meat and fried dishes, they have fresh rolls, sides, and desserts. They have pinto beans and rice, corn, crispy fries (or in this case, Krispy Fries) and mashed potatoes and gravy.

For more healthier options, they have a signature “vegetable of the day”, creamy coleslaw, cobblers, fruit pie (yes, it’s Krispy Fried Fruit Pie, Hartz really does like their K’s), and last but not the least, mashed potatoes and gravy.

Hartz Chicken buffet has close to 100 locations, with the highest concentration in Texas. The farthest location is currently in Shreveport, but the franchise will see expansion anytime soon to accommodate the growing number of customers.

The buffet-slash-restaurant franchise has been awarded as a People’s Choice Awards-Buffet, proof of their excellent food service and the quality experience they provide to their customers.

To learn more about Hartz Chicken Buffet or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://www.hartz-chicken.com/.