Score Free Fast Food Items at Certain Times of the Year

Everyone loves freebies, especially if it comes from the places that people usually spend their money on. Whatever the freebie is – from a condiment sachet to promotional merchandise – you can count on people to line up for it. But when it comes to a free meal, it will definitely be a huge hit.

If you’ve never gotten anything for free from a fast food joint, you’re severely missing out on things. You might not even believe that chains actually give products for free, but believe it or not, they do. There are tons of food holidays that are just waiting to be celebrated by establishments. A lot of them get pounced at by brands, creating a variety of gimmicks – from free food to huge discounts – anything really that will catch people’s attention. You might be missing out on them because you’re not paying attention, but it is a common practice among fast food brands.

If you want to get started on taking advantage of the freebies fast food places can offer, here’s a list of some food holidays and joints that usually celebrate them.

Cheeseburger Day, September 18

Burger 21, Burger King, and McDonald’s usually offer free cheeseburgers on this day.

Root Beer Float Day, August 6

A&W has definitely contributed largely to the popularity of root beer floats, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re offering free drinks on this holiday.

Valentine’s Day, February 14

So this one isn’t really a food holiday, but there are tons of freebies and buy one get one free promos during this day. Keep your eyes peeled for promotions for couples and save on your Valentine’s Day date.

Talk Like a Pirate Day, September 19

Like Valentine’s, this is also not a food holiday. However, Krispy Kreme is making it a thing by giving out free donuts to those who will talk like a pirate in stores on this day. They also happen to celebrate Super Hero Day on April 28, usually giving out a free dozen of donuts if you purchase a dozen.

Donut Day, June 4 or the first weekend of  June

Speaking of free donuts, you can get some for free at Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts around this date or when they’ve announced the official Donut Day of the year.

One thing you should note, though: sometimes local franchises don’t give out freebies, so manage your expectations. You can always easily check with your local store if they’re doing the national promotion, however.

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