Godfather’s Pizza Buffet Pricing Made Simple

Updated: December 20, 2023

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By: Angela Harper

In the vast realm of culinary delights, few experiences can rival the joy of indulging in a pizza buffet, and when it comes to this gastronomic adventure, Godfather’s Pizza stands as a beacon of excellence. In this article, we will explore the sumptuous world of Godfather’s Pizza Buffet, its divine offerings, and the delightful ambiance that keeps patrons coming back for more.

Below are the latest Godfather’s Pizza Buffet prices.

Item Price

Specialty Pies

All-Meat Combo Specialty Pie $6.93
Classic Combo Pie $9.03
Super Taco Large Pizza $24.99
All-Meat Combo $9.68
Bacon Cheeseburger $10.02
Bacon Cheeseburger Specialty Pie $6.93
Taco Pie $10.16
Tex-Mex with Beef Jumbo Pizza $28.69
Baja Taco $14.79
Classic Combo $9.75
Classic Combo Specialty Pie $7.38
Taco Individual Pizza $8.74
Classic Combo Large Pizza $23.61
Hawaiian $8.68
Hot Stuff $8.98
Hot Stuff Specialty Pie $6.93
Hot Stuff Pie $9.03
Humble Specialty Pie $7.24
Bacon Cheeseburger Pie $10.04
Humble Pie $10.42
Taco Specialty Pie $6.93
Super Taco Jumbo Pizza $28.99
Tex-Mex with Chicken Individual Pizza $8.74
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pie $7.04
Hawaiian Specialty Pie $6.71
Veggie Specialty Pie $6.93
BBQ Chicken Pie $9.91
Buffalo Chicken Pie $7.04
Veggie Pie $9.47
Sicilian Veggie Specialty Pie $15.06
BBQ Chicken Specialty Pie $6.82
BBQ Chicken $9.01
Wild, Wild West BBQ Medium Pizza $20.17
Chicken Bacon Ranch Specialty Pie $6.82
Chicken Bacon Ranch $9.48
Bacon Cheeseburger Medium Pizza $19.77
Buffalo Chicken $9.12
Taco Large Pizza $24.17
Chicken Royale $8.34
Hawaiian Pizza Large Pizza $24.11
Sicilian Veggie $11.89
Chicken Bacon Ranch Large Pizza $24.17
Pesto Chicken & Spinach $10.61
Classic Combo Jumbo Pizza $27.96
Pesto Chicken Artichoke $16.24
Chicken Sausage Italiano Medium Pizza $20.17
All-Meat Combo Jumbo Pizza $27.96
Humble Pie Individual Pizza $8.74
Hawaiian Pizza Jumbo Pizza $28.46
Chicken Bacon Ranch Individual Pizza $8.74
Bacon Cheeseburger Jumbo Pizza $27.96
Hot Stuff Jumbo Pizza $27.96
Super Taco Medium Pizza $20.99
Hawaiian Pizza Medium Pizza $20.11
Bacon Cheeseburger Large Pizza $23.61
Hawaiian Pizza Individual Pizza $8.74
Chicken Sausage Italiano Jumbo Pizza $28.69
Tex-Mex with Beef Individual Pizza $8.74
Chicken Bacon Ranch Medium Pizza $19.93
Chicken Bacon Ranch Jumbo Pizza $28.35
Hot Stuff Large Pizza $23.61
Veggie Individual Pizza $8.74
Super Combo Large Pizza $24.99
Bacon Cheeseburger Individual Pizza $8.74
Super Combo Jumbo Pizza $28.99
Tex-Mex with Chicken Jumbo Pizza $28.69
Hot Stuff Medium Pizza $19.93
Veggie Jumbo Pizza $28.69
Taco Medium Pizza $20.17
Wild, Wild West BBQ Individual Pizza $8.74
Hot Stuff Individual Pizza $8.74
Tex-Mex with Chicken Medium Pizza $20.17
Buffalo Chicken Individual Pizza $8.74
Steak and Roasted Red Peppers Jumbo Pizza $28.69
All-Meat Combo Individual Pizza $8.74
Buffalo Chicken Jumbo Pizza $28.35
Taco Jumbo Pizza $28.69
Wild, Wild West BBQ Jumbo Pizza $28.69
All-Meat Combo Large Pizza $23.93
Humble Pie Medium Pizza $19.93
Buffalo Chicken Medium Pizza $19.93
Veggie Large Pizza $24.17
Wild, Wild West BBQ Large Pizza $24.17
All-Meat Combo Medium Pizza $19.77
Humble Pie Large Pizza $23.93
Humble Jumbo Pizza $28.69
Tex-Mex with Beef Large Pizza $24.17
Classic Combo Individual Pizza $8.74
Buffalo Chicken Large Pizza $23.93
Classic Combo Medium Pizza $19.61
Tex-Mex with Chicken Large Pizza $24.17


Lottsa Mozza Calzone with a Side Garden Salad $11.99
All-Meat Combo Calzone with a Side Garden Salad $11.99
All-Meat Combo Calzone $10.59
Lottsa Mozza Calzone $9.49
Pepperoni Calzone $10.81
Pepperoni Calzone with a Side Garden Salad $11.99
Classic Combo Calzone $11.40
Bacon Cheeseburger Calzone $9.41

Mini Specialty pizzas

The most commonly ordered items and dishes from this store
Mini Taco pie $7.94

Crate Your Own

Cheese Pizza $12.49
1-Topping Pizza $11.21

Specialty Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Specialty Pie $6.82
Chicken Royale Specialty Pie $5.99
Pesto Chicken Artichoke Specialty Pie $18.99
Baja Taco Specialty Pie $18.99

Create Your Own

Mini Create Your Own Pizza $5.97
Individual Cheese Pizza $6.09
Medium Cheese Pizza $12.99
Small Create Your Own Pizza $12.16
Jumbo Create Your Own Pizza $22.97
Large Cheese Pizza $15.84
Medium 2 Topping Pizza $17.32
Jumbo Cheese Pizza $20.58
Large 2 Topping Pizza $19.25
Mini Pizza $5.74
Medium 1 Topping Pizza $15.50
Individual 1 Topping Pizza $7.94
Large 1 Topping Pizza $17.71
Jumbo 1 Topping Pizza $22.57

Picked For You

Large Create Your Own Pizza $18.22
Medium Create Your Own Pizza $15.05


2 Liter Soda $3.14
12 oz. Kid's Cup $1.19
2 Liter $3.22
Bottled Water $1.52
Soda $3.83
2-Liters $3.24
Milk $1.48
Coffee $1.50

Most Ordered

The most commonly ordered items and dishes from this store
2 Liter Bottles $3.93
Cheesesticks $7.43
Large - Create Your Own 1 or 2 Toppings $19.53
Small - Create Your Own 1 or 2 Toppings $13.65
Medium - Create Your Own 1 or 2 Toppings $15.97

Top Menu Items

All-Meat Combo Pie $9.03

Specialty Pizzas

All-Meat Combo Pizza $15.94
All-Meat Combo (Jumbo) $35.88
Classic Combo (Large) $28.52
Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza $16.45
All-Meat Combo (Large) $28.26
All-Meat Combo (Mini) $7.94
Classic Combo Pizza $15.94
Humble Pie Pizza $17.13
Classic Combo (Mini) $7.94
Humble Pie (Mini) $7.94
Veggie Pie Pizza $17.13
Humble Pie (Medium) $23.88
Taco Pie Pizza $17.13
Humble Pie (Jumbo) $35.47
Hot Stuff Pizza $16.45
Classic Combo (Medium) $23.44
Nacho Pizza $9.49
Hot Stuff (Jumbo) $35.88
Humble Pie (Large) $28.26
Bacon Cheeseburger (Large) $28.52
Bacon Cheeseburger (Medium) $24.23
Hot Stuff (Large) $28.52
Hot Stuff (Medium) $24.13
Classic Combo (Jumbo) $35.88
Mediterranean Veggie $12.13

Certified Gluten-Free Pizzas

Pre-packaged to bake at home.
Create Your Own $11.84
Pepperoni $13.02
Cheese $12.41

Toasted Sandwiches

Ham & Cheese $7.24
Spicy Sausage $6.99
Italian Supreme $6.42

Menu Coupons

Value Deal #3 - Large Specialty $25.99

Breakfast Pizzas

Sausage, Egg and Cheese $9.47
Bacon, Egg and Cheese $9.47
Ham, Egg and Cheese $9.47

Chicken Super Specialty Pizzas

Chicken Artichoke $10.49
Chicken Bacon Ranch (Jumbo) $36.96
Western Chicken BBQ $10.49
Chicken Bacon Ranch (Large) $29.22
Chicken Bacon Ranch (Medium) $24.03

Create Your Own Pizza

Create Your Own Pizza $11.99
Mini Cheese Pizza $5.21
Small Cheese Pizza $11.18

Create Your Own Pizza (Small)

Small - Create Your Own 3 to 5 Toppings $19.17
Small - Create Your Own 6 to 8 Toppings $21.88

Specialty Pies - Small

Classic Combo - Small $19.46
Humble Pie - Small $19.30
Bacon Cheeseburger - Small $19.46
All Meat Combo - Small $19.57
Hot Stuff - Small $19.57
Chicken Bacon Ranch - Small $19.66

Specialty Pies-Medium

All Meat Combo - Medium $24.13
Buffalo Chicken - Medium $24.14
BBQ Chicken - Medium $24.54

Create Your Own Pizza (Medium)

Medium - Create Your Own 3 to 5 Toppings $23.95
Medium - Create Your Own 6 to 8 Toppings $26.61


Sour Cream $0.81

Super Specialty Pies

Super Combo Specialty Pie $15.99
Super Taco $17.55
Super Taco Specialty Pie $15.99
Super Hawaiian $18.87
The Don $16.14
Super Combo $18.25

Specialty Pies - Large

Hawaiian - Large $27.59
BBQ Chicken - Large $29.52
Buffalo Chicken - Large $29.22

Create Your Own Pizza (Large)

Large - Create Your Own 6 to 8 Toppings $32.33
Large - Create Your Own 3 to 5 Toppings $28.83

Gluten Free Pizzas

Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza $13.86


Calzone $11.99
Lotza Mozza Calzone $16.19

Specialty Pies - Jumbo

Bacon Cheeseburger - Jumbo $35.88
BBQ Chicken - Jumbo $37.33
Buffalo Chicken - Jumbo $36.96

Create Your Own Pizza (Jumbo)

Jumbo - Create Your Own 1 or 2 Toppings $25.18
Jumbo - Create Your Own 3 to 5 Toppings $35.04
Jumbo - Create Your Own 6 to 8 Toppings $39.08

Small Specialty Pies

Small BBQ Chicken $20.08
Small - Hawaiian $18.58
Small - Taco Pie $19.30
Small - Veggie Pie $19.06
Small Buffalo Chicken $19.66

Other Good Stuff

Extra Marinara Sauce $0.69
Apple Dessert Streusel $5.24

Medium Specialty Pies

Medium - Hawaiian $22.92
Medium - Taco Pie $23.88
Medium - Veggie Pie $23.10

Bread Sides

Garlic Cheese Bread $5.52


To Go Salad $5.99

Large Specialty Pies

Large - Taco Pie $28.26
Large - Veggie Pie $28.04


2-Liter Diet Coke $3.54
6 Slices of Big Chocolate Chip Cookie $6.99
Breadsticks $6.22
Kid's Meal $4.88
Pepperoni Roll $4.29
2-Liter Sprite $3.54
8 Piece Cheesesticks $6.99
Boneless Wings $11.55
Garlic Bread $6.18
Mini Cheesesticks $4.49
4 Piece Garlic Bread $5.18
Bone-In Wings $11.12
Cheese Bread $7.79
Chicken Wings $4.99
Garlic Bread with Cheese $7.46
Supersticks $8.28
16 oz. Potato Wedges $5.99
Cheese Sticks $7.89
Cheesesticks with bacon & cheddar $9.71
Italian Monkey Bread $7.61
Pepperoni Rolls $2.59
8 Piece Breadsticks $5.99
Large Cheesesticks $12.84
Cheesy Garlic Bread $4.99
Steak Fries $6.62
Potato Wedges $6.82
2-Liter Coke $3.33
8 Piece Cheesesticks with Bacon and Cheddar $7.99
Medium Cheesesticks $9.49
Monkey Bread $7.10
Dessert Streusel $7.49
6 Slices of Dessert Streusel $6.99
Big Chocolate Chip Cookie $7.02
Dessert Pizza $6.66
Bone-In Wings - 1 Lb $18.31
Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies $5.99
Garden Salad $6.80
Boneless Wings - 1 Lb $18.30


Big Chocolate Chip Cookies $7.87
Caramel Monkey Bread $8.00
Big Cookie $7.88
Cherry Streusel $8.11
Streusel Monkey Bread $7.70
Cinnamon Monkey Bread $7.45
Apple Streusel $8.97
Caramel Apple Streusel $9.09
Cinnamon Streusel $8.56


Cinnamon Streusel (Dessert) $6.32

Gluten-Free Pizza

Cheese Gluten-Free Pizza $13.37
Gluten-Free 1 or 2 Toppings Small $16.40
Gluten-Free 3 to 5 Toppings Small $21.51
Gluten-Free 6 to 8 Toppings Small $24.44

Jumbo Specialty Pies

Jumbo - Hawaiian $34.30
Jumbo - Taco Pie $35.47
Jumbo - Veggie Pie $35.45

Small Super Specialty Pies

Small - Super Taco $22.12
Small - Super Combo $22.12
Small - The Don $21.66

Medium Super Specialty Pies

Medium - Super Taco $27.51
Medium - Super Combo $27.51
Medium - The Don $26.74

Large Super Specialty Pies

Large - Super Taco $32.55
Large - Super Combo $32.55
Large - The Don $32.08

Jumbo Super Specialty Pies

Jumbo - Super Taco $40.95
Jumbo - Super Combo $40.95
Jumbo - The Don $39.17
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A Symphony of Flavors

Godfather’s Pizza Buffet is more than just a dining experience; it’s a journey through a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. From the moment you step into the welcoming ambiance, the aroma of freshly baked crusts and the tantalizing scent of premium toppings set the stage for a culinary masterpiece. The buffet spread, a canvas of colors and textures, beckons pizza enthusiasts to embark on a culinary exploration.

The chefs at Godfather’s Pizza masterfully craft each pizza, paying homage to the art of pizza-making. Whether you’re a fan of classic Margherita, crave the boldness of a meat lover’s delight, or savor the creativity of specialty pizzas, the buffet offers a diverse selection to cater to every taste bud. From the first bite to the last, every pizza at Godfather’s is a testament to the dedication to culinary excellence.

The Allure of Variety

Bursting with burstiness, Godfather’s Pizza Buffet thrives on the principle of variety. The array of pizzas is not the only star of the show; an assortment of sides, salads, and desserts adds layers to the dining experience. The buffet caters to diverse palates, making it an ideal destination for families, friends, and pizza aficionados alike.

While the chefs showcase their mastery in pizza creation, the buffet extends beyond the pizza counter. Freshly tossed salads, loaded with vibrant vegetables and tantalizing dressings, provide a refreshing interlude between pizza slices. Savory sides, from crispy chicken wings to golden mozzarella sticks, complement the main attraction, adding bursts of flavor to the feast.

Crafting Memories in Every Bite

Godfather’s Pizza Buffet transcends the realm of mere dining; it’s a venue for crafting lasting memories. The ambiance, designed to foster a sense of community and celebration, becomes the backdrop for birthdays, family gatherings, and casual outings. The dynamic burstiness in the atmosphere mirrors the variety on the buffet, creating an environment where laughter, conversation, and the joy of shared meals intertwine.

As patrons revel in the delightful chaos of flavors and the comforting embrace of the Godfather’s ambiance, every bite becomes a moment to cherish. The buffet experience extends beyond satiating hunger; it becomes a celebration of culinary artistry, diversity, and the joy of shared meals.


In the realm of pizza buffets, Godfather’s Pizza stands as a testament to the marriage of quality, variety, and ambiance. From the symphony of flavors to the allure of variety and the crafting of lasting memories, every aspect of the buffet experience reflects a commitment to excellence. As patrons savor each bite, they become part of a culinary journey that transcends the ordinary, making Godfather’s Pizza Buffet a destination where every meal is a celebration.