CiCi’s Pizza Buffet Prices

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September, 2022. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest CiCi’s Pizza Buffet prices.

Item Price

Popular Items

Classic Cheese Pizza $6.85
Brownies $5.86
Meat Eater Pan Pizza $11.15
Classic Pepperoni Pizza $7.22
Pan Meateater $10.59
Specialty Mac & Cheese Pizza $8.28

Stuffed Crust Pizzas

Pepperoni Pizza $10.63

Deep Dish

Cheese Deep Dish Pizza $8.95
Pepperoni Deep Dish Pizza $9.18

Baked Pasta

Honey BBQ Chicken $9.21


Ultimate Giant Pepperoni Pizza $15.21
Buffalo Chicken Poppers $5.07
Pepperoni Poppers $4.92
Jalapeño Poppers $4.92

Traditional Pizza

Cheese Pizza $7.78

Top Menu Items

1 Topping Pizza $6.01


Flatbread Cheese Large $7.28
Flatbread 1-Topping Large $8.06
Flatbread Hawaiian $9.13
Flatbread Buffalo Chicken $9.06
Flatbread BBQ Chicken $9.85
Flatbread Mac and Cheese $9.13
Flatbread Alfredo $9.06
Flatbread Classic Chicken $9.85
Flatbread Zesty Ham and Cheddar $9.85
Flatbread Zesty Pepperoni $9.06
Flatbread Zesty Veggie $11.06

Specialty Traditional Crust Pizza

Specialty Meat Eater Pizza $10.28
Specialty Supreme Pizza $10.56
Specialty Buffalo Chicken Pizza $8.63
Specialty Hawaiian Pizza $8.78
Specialty Spinach Alfredo Pizza $8.28
Specialty Alfredo Pizza $8.28
Specialty Veggie Pizza $9.92

Traditional Specialty Recipes

Cheese $8.80


Medium One Topping Pizza $5.85
Large Specialty Pizza $9.84
Large One Topping Pizza $7.59
Medium Specialty Pizza $8.04
Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza $9.45

Specialty Pizza

Meat Eater $10.62
Mac and Cheese $7.40
Supreme $10.94
Hawaiian $7.75
Chicken Bacon Club $9.21
Spinach Alfredo $8.15
Zesty Ham and Cheddar $7.84
Buffalo Chicken $7.62
Classic Chicken $7.42
Meat Eater (Flatbread) $10.86
Supreme (Flatbread) $10.86
Veggie (Flatbread) $10.86
Alfredo $7.67
Chicken Bacon Club (Flatbread) $9.79
Spinach Alfredo (Flatbread) $8.99
Veggie $9.85
Zesty Pepperoni $7.99

Pan Pizzas

Cheese Pan Pizza $8.48
Pan Cheese $8.15
Pan Pepperoni $8.15
Supreme Deep Dish Pizza $11.91
Pepperoni Pan Pizza $8.58
Meat Eater Deep Dish Pizza $11.64
Supreme Pan Pizza $11.17
Pan Supreme $10.74

Stuffed Crust Pizza

Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza $9.39

Specialty Recipes

Meat Eater Pizza $9.37
Supreme Pizza $9.73
Zesty Pepperoni Pizza $7.21
Hawaiian Pizza $7.09
Veggie Pizza $8.78
Spinach Alfredo Pizza $6.99
Zesty Ham & Cheddar Pizza $7.27
Mac and Cheese Pizza $6.89
Buffalo Chicken Pizza $6.98
Classic Chicken Pizza $7.05
Alfredo Pizza $6.93
Zesty Veggie Pizza $7.94


Wings $4.68
Ten Piece Wings $9.06
Twenty Piece Wings $17.46
Fifty Piece Wings $41.48
Five Piece Wings $5.18
Extra Ranch $0.65

Sides & Desserts

Cinnamon Rolls $5.98
Garlic Cheesy Bread $6.91
Cheesy Bread $5.78
Fudge Brownies $6.75


Salad $3.99


24 Pieces Fudge Brownie $5.34
Apple Dessert Pizza $5.86
20 Pieces Cinnamon Roll $5.09
Apple Pizza $5.12
Bavarian Dessert Pizza $5.91
Bavarian Pizza $5.14
Half Apple Half Bavarian Pizza Dessert $5.99


16 Pieces Garlic Cheesy Bread $5.21
Garlic Cheese Bread $6.54
Side of Ranch $0.74
2 oz. Dressing $0.56
Dressing $0.64

Value Packs

Value Pack #1 $19.18
Value Pack #2 $13.12
Value Pack #3 $16.69
Value Pack #4 $23.02
Value Pack #5 $31.24
Value Pack #6 $14.69
Value Pack #7 $18.56
Value Pack #8 $40.82
Value Pack #9 $77.11

Create Your Own

Create your own Pizza $7.39


Regular Fountain Drink $2.23
Large Fountain Drink $2.85
2-Liter Drink $3.29
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About CiCi’s Pizza Buffet

Ever wanted to binge-eat, but you only want one food? CiCi’s Pizza Buffet is exactly that. CiCi’s is an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. The management won’t bother with your excessive love for pizza, and they’re very accommodating. Customers only need to come in, take a seat and just enjoy pizza from one bite to the next.

CiCi’s deals gives customers the opportunity to enjoy food while spending less. They have deals for two large pizzas with single toppings. They also allow customers to customize their pizza. 

CiCi’s best sellers are currently the Alfredo pizza, ham and cheddar, barbecue pork, and the veggie pizza. The last one may appeal to vegetarians, but meat lovers will have many options in terms of toppings.

It’s not just circular pizza’s at CiCi’s. They have flatbread pizzas with spinach alfredo toppings, flavorful cheese, savory chicken bacon, and sweet honey barbecue chicken. For people who want something extra on the crust, CiCi’s made sure to make a cheese-stuffed crust pizza. Pepperoni is also an option for the stuffing.

Aside from the pizza, CiCi’s crispy and tender chicken wings adds an extra dimension of flavor. The buffalo chicken has three varieties depending on spice tolerance: for the mildly adventurous, it’s Mild Buffalo chicken and Hot Buffalo for experienced spicy food eaters. CiCi’s garlic parmesan chicken and BBQ are also available.

But it’s not all meat and pastry at CiCi’s. They have salads to round out the meaty flavors. CiCi’s offers various salads and side dish. Soups, pasta sides, cheesy bread, and the salad mix where customers can mix and mash salad components. Top it off with ranch or thousand island dressing and it’s now a guilt-free buffet.

Finally, desserts. CiCi’s Pizza isn’t just savory, it’s also dessert! The Bavarian dessert pizza and the Apple Dessert Pizza is a unique take on pies, but nevertheless delicious. They also have cinnamon rolls and brownies, just to name a few.

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