How to Start Your Day Right with the Breakfast Buffet

How to Start Your Day Right with the Breakfast Buffet

If you’re staying at a hotel in Las Vegas, you may encounter that convenient breakfast buffet right there at the hotel. Or, you can always try the breakfast buffet at MGM, where you really have lots of different breakfast options to choose from.

But here’s the problem: how can you start your day right with a breakfast buffet? Of course, if you eat too much (there’s always that temptation), then you might just feel sluggish afterwards and you might not be in the mood to go exploring in Sin City.

The good news is that you can still enjoy a good breakfast buffet without wrecking your plans for the day. Here are some tips that should help you out:

Go Easy with Your Sodium Intake

Our Filipino friends always joke that not consuming too much salt is actually the 11th commandment, because “it’s a sin”, they say. Then they start giggling. (If you can explain this joke to us, feel free to use the comments section to give us some clarification.)

But it does make sense, and it’s not just because you don’t want to exceed your RDA of 2,300mg of sodium so early in the day. It’s also because salt just makes you thirsty. So, either you’re risking dehydration or you end up drinking too much water. That means you’ll need plenty of bathroom stops as you go exploring, and finding one that’s conveniently near you when you feel the need isn’t always easy.

So, try to limit your consumption of the saltier items, such as the bacon and sausages. Sure, you can taste these delicious meats, but take it easy.

Don’t Go Overboard with the Sugar Intake

When you spend the day exploring and traveling, crashing from a sugar high isn’t all that fun. And that’s what you’re in for if you enjoy the Fruit Loops a little too much. Instead of some sugary cereal, you should go with Muesli or Shredded Wheat. Even Cheerios is a healthier choice, especially with some eggs for the protein that helps with the sugar crash.

Start with the Fruits

A large bowl of fruit is always a good idea to start your breakfast (and your day) with. It’s considered a healthier option than cereal. Fruits generally have fiber that makes you feel full without feeling stuffed, and you might not get the urge to snack before lunch. Also, fruits contain vitamins too.

If you’re at a breakfast buffet at your hotel, it’s not really a good idea to take a lot of food with you when you leave. But it’s often acceptable to get a small piece for the road, just in case you do need to snack on something before it’s time for lunch.

Don’t Forget the Omelet Bar

Since we’ve already touched on the subject of eggs, don’t forget the omelets. The omelet station is one place you should visit at a breakfast buffet. You’ll get plenty of the nice protein that will help you feel fuller for a longer time, so you might not need some snacks before lunch.

If there’s no omelet bar, then just get the eggs. Fried eggs are great, and hardboiled eggs may even be better. The problem with scrambled eggs is that they may contain egg powder, which may not be all that good for your cholesterol.

Mind Your Portions

That means don’t overeat. Sit farther away from the buffet table, and take the seat that’s facing away from the food. That way, you’re less tempted by the sight and fragrance of the yummy breakfast treats. And don’t gulp down your food either. Take your time swallowing your food, and wait a full 10 minutes before you get seconds.

You really don’t want to feel stuffed when you’re walking around in Las Vegas!

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