Best Buffet Restaurants in Atlanta Georgia

Best Buffet Restaurants in Atlanta Georgia

Are you a foodie on a budget? Do you love the idea of being able to try everything without committing to just one dish? Buffets are a great way to explore new cuisines and indulge in your favorite foods, and Atlanta has plenty of options to choose from.

Cafe Bombay

Located on Briarcliff Rd, Cafe Bombay offers one of the best Indian buffets in town. From chicken tikka to goat curry, tandoori chicken to biryani, this buffet has all your favorites in an elegant atmosphere. Come for lunch and enjoy the generous portions before the restaurant transforms into a party at night with bellydancers.

Kathmandu Kitchen & Grill

Head to Clarkston to try the small but fresh lunch buffet at Kathmandu Kitchen & Grill. With Indian and Himalayan/Nepalese specialties, this hidden gem offers mostly Indian-style hits. If you’re feeling adventurous, order from the menu things like momo (dumplings) and other Nepalese favorites.

Hibachi Buffet

If you’re looking for a steal on hibachi, check out Hibachi Buffet on Buford Hwy. They have hot and cold dishes, sushi, as well as the restaurant’s centerpiece: a hibachi area where they cook to order. Don’t expect fine dining, but do expect to leave full for under $10.

Nori Nori

Looking for a more luxurious buffet experience? Nori Nori in Sandy Springs elevates the typical buffet with offerings like crab legs, takoyaki, and udon. Their weekday dinners cost $40.95 and during weekends expect to pay around $42.95, but it’s worth it for the green tea soft serve ice cream alone.


Technically all-you-can-eat and not a buffet, Sushiology in Kennesaw is a must-try for sushi lovers. For $32, enjoy all the sushi you can handle, including favorites like pew pew chicken, soft crab rolls, and pork belly baos.

Tassa Roti

For authentic Trinidadian cuisine, head to Tassa Roti in Marietta. Set up buffet style, you can feast your palate on all sorts of Caribbean flavors. Be sure to try traditional dishes like Doubles and of course Roti.

Under The Corktree

Looking for a boozy brunch? Under The Corktree in Sandy Springs offers a breakfast brunch buffet for about $25 with a little bit of everything. Indulge in tantalizing tapas and splurge on their mimosas to make it a brunch to remember.

Why Eating in a Buffet is Worth Your $$

Buffets typically offer a wide variety of dishes, allowing you to try a little bit of everything and sample different flavors without committing to a full dish. This can be a great option for those who are indecisive or want to try multiple dishes.

Moreover, buffets often offer generous portions, so you can fill up on as much food as you want for one set price. This can be a great option for those who have a big appetite or want to save money on their meal.

Lastly, buffets like Bacchanal can be a fun and social dining experience, allowing you to eat with friends or family and try different dishes together.

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