Getting VIP Treatment At Restaurants 

Yes, indeed, VIP treatment is as real as it gets but, unfortunately, you probably aren’t getting it! This is the unfortunate truth for many of us who aren’t in the top 1% of the population, from A-list Hollywood celebrities to Fortune 500 tycoons. The VIP treatment will also differ between restaurants, from a casual restaurant to a fine dining establishment. 

But you will be surprised by the types of people that restaurants consider as VIPs! Yes, you will see the likes of rich tycoons and investors, famous celebrities and socialites, and elites of the food world being given the VIP treatment. But there are also relatively average Joes and Janes that the chefs, managers and staff want to keep around and, thus, they give VIP treatment, while many are also new customers. 

Nope, you’re chances of being treated like a VIP will not increase when you flash money or you dress like a million dollars either. You won’t get it, too, if you demand for it, much less if you act like an asshole, rich or not.  

So, how you do get VIP treatment at the likes of Vips restaurant where every customer is treated like a valued person? Here are a few things to know.  

Don’t be Mean

This is an obvious tip because, like it or not, respect begets respect.  You should then be courteous, respectful and friendly – say “good morning”, “thank you” and “please”, whenever appropriate – toward the restaurant staff no matter their role. You will find that these seemingly small gestures make a big difference when it comes to service! 

This is because the restaurant staff are people, too, and they appreciate acts of kindness and generosity toward them, no matter how small these may be. Besides, your positive attitude will make your overall dining experience more enjoyable.  

Do Sit at the Bar 

But don’t just sit there either. You have to order and eat as if you’re seated in front of a table and you have to tip the staff as if you were dining in such a manner, too! You shouldn’t just order a single drink, say, a scotch on the rocks, sip it for an hour and then leave without leaving a tip for the bartender. 

There are also good reasons for sitting at the bar. First, you will likely get a seat in a fully-booked restaurant or with a near-impossible reservation system. You don’t have to book a seat at the bar although you may find that it may not be an ideal place for a romantic date.  

Second, you will find that the bartenders are more accommodating so you can easily make a friend or two in the bar area. You can even make a personal connection with the bartender! Just be sure to leave a generous tip, say, 20% so you will be remembered and given the VIP treatment every time you come for a drink and a meal. 

And speaking of reservations, you have to make one and actually show up at least 15 minutes before your appointed time. 

You should also stop stressing over the small stuff since your overall dining experience is about, well, the big picture. You must also try to remember the names of the servers and/or bartenders because it establishes a personal connection.  

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