Over-The-Top Buffets You Should Definitely Experience for Yourself

By now, most Americans have had a buffet experience. Buffets are everywhere, and there’s one for just about every budget. On the other hand, it would seem like buffets have become quite generic – put an overwhelming amount of food on display for diners to eat as much as they want. If you’re looking for something completely different, here’s our list of over-the-top buffets:

1. A.Y.C.E. Buffet At Palms Casino Resort

A.Y.C.E, is a creative and affordable way to eat to your heart’s content when you’re in Las Vegas. The buffet jam-packed with exciting and novel food items including a customizable mac-and-cheese, hot Cheeto elote, and tuna poke bowls. You can drink freshly pressed juices too! The roastery features chicken teriyaki and oxtail poutine. A.Y.C.E.’s world pan area showcases paella, a bao bun, gumbo, cioppino and many more.

2. Le Blanc Cabo

What’s great about Le Blanc Cabo’s buffet in Baja California Sur is that you can see a very dynamic open kitchen and a chef prepares your food in front of you. You can choose from prime cuts and certified Angus beef, fish, chicken and sushi. And if that’s not enough to get you excited, they also offer fresh catches such as salmon, shrimp and tuna, chicken and steak. They have a variety of cuisines such as Mexican and Lebanese, plus a gourmet charcuterie area.

3. Prime & Provisions

Prime & Provisions is a steakhouse in Chicago that offers all-you-can-eat brunch buffet every Sunday. It features roasted prime rib and a seafood bar with endless crab legs, oysters and shrimp. It’s a steakhouse so don’t expect it to be cheap however it’s definitely worth every penny. Plus you get bottomless drinks at premium level, or add an extra $100 for bottomless Veuve Clicquot mimosas.

4.  Eight at Cordis Auckland

Cordis Auckland’s Eight buffet has eight separate kitchens, which have a raw bar, curry, sushi, and butcher which allows you to pick the steak you want, and there’s also a kitchen for noodles and desserts. There’s a seasonal salad selection, fresh seafood kitchen, wok & dim sum corner, New York-style grill, Japanese sushi & sashimi, Indian tandoor kitchen and a pasta kitchen. And let’s not forget the chocolate fountain and marshmallow dippers corner as well.

5. Raffles Istanbul 

Raffles Istanbul, offers buffet-style Sunday brunch complete with live music. It features a sous vide meat/fish station, chicken from Thrace, a slicing station with 20 varieties of fish from the Black Sea and meat, and 30-day aged lamb from the Marmara region. There’s an oyster station featuring the Rolls Royce of oysters and a lobster roll station (Canada red lobsters), Alaskan king crab legs, bacon and gravlax salmon and a  sushi station.

6. Cinder House at Four Seasons Hotel

St. Louis’ Four Seasons Hotel features a buffet like no other, and it centers around dishes from the custom wood-burning hearth.  Whole animals are roasted over an open fire in a theme they refer to as Sunday Asado, inspired by South American traditions. Cinder House’s buffet offers a varying display of 4-5 meats served with five house made sauces like hollandaise, chimichurri, aji Amarillo, horseradish sauce, mole or mint vinegar.

7. Saffron at Atlantis Dubai

Saffron at Atlantis offers the best weekend brunch in Dubai. It features over 220 dishes and 20 cooking stations, which includes a Peking Duck station, dim sum, catch-of-the-day display, curry Laksa and a whole lot more. But that’s not all, each meal is finished off with an over-the-top signature chocolate fountain.

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