Tips to Help You Save Money When Dining in a Las Vegas Buffet

Tips to Help You Save Money When Dining in a Las Vegas Buffet

One of the highlights of a Vegas holiday is the monstrous buffets. Who can say no to the Wynn Buffet which features 90 delectable dishes filled with seafood, prime meats and desserts? But if you’re on a budget, here are a few ways to save money on a buffet in Las Vegas.

The best time to enjoy Las Vegas’ buffet is during the late breakfast/ early lunch, if this would serve as your single meal for the day.The Buffet of Buffets pass is another option, which lets you visit multiple buffets for a fee.

1. Get comps.

If you or your group spends a certain amount in the casinos, you may be able to get a discount to the buffet. Some may even offer you a free meal. Read more about it here.

2. Use your credit card points.

If you have a credit card that has racked up a lot of rewards points, check if you can use it to pay towards your buffet meal.

3. Sign up for a new credit card.

You may be able to score a reward by getting a new credit card. Be sure to get one that offers a sign up bonus of either cash, credit or points that you can use towards your Vegas expenses.

4. Book a room on the Strip.

Hotels and resorts along the Strip can be pricey but if you do your homework, you may be able to find good deals on rooms and even perks like a discount on their buffet.

5. Eat brunch.

Go for a late breakfast/early lunch so you will only spend for one meal for the day. You may also want to consider availing the Buffet of Buffets pass, which enables you to go to several buffets for a whole 24 hours for the price of one.

Other Things to Know About Las Vegas Buffets

  • Among the most popular buffets on the strip are: Wynn, Bacchanal, Circus Buffet, and Wicked Spoon.
  • If you want to get free buffet passes, consider registering for a Rewards program.
  • You can earn a buffet meal or two by gambling.
  • You can also look for discount coupons online.

Other Things to Know About Las Vegas Vacations

  • You should set aside $150 or so for each adult. This will cover food, shows and even gambling.
  • Casinos accept credit cards but you can bring cash too.
  • You should not be stingy about tipping in casinos.
  • The average cost of a meal in Las Vegas is $26. Dinner prices tend to be higher compared to breakfast and lunch.

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