Don’t Ever Do These Things At A Buffet

Being in a Golden Corral restaurant where rows upon rows of delicious dishes, desserts and drinks will tempt even the most disciplined diner isn’t a license to become rude, both against the staff and diners. Good manners are still appreciated because these make for an enjoyable dining experience for everybody in the restaurant.

Here then are the things that you should never do in a buffet, if you want to be a valued customer.

Don’t Cut in Line

As with most restaurants, there will likely be a line in a buffet restaurant, from the line at the counter for your all-you-can-eat meal to the line at the food sections to fill up your plate. Everybody has to fall into line to maintain order, as well as to ensure that every diner gets his or her desired food and drinks on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Besides, how would you feel if someone cut in line just to save 30 seconds off their time? Be patient since you will get your food soon enough.

Don’t Make a Tower

We understand that the point of a buffet is to eat as many food and as much of it as you want – you paid for it so you may as well take full advantage. But there’s also no point in stacking everything on a single plate, balancing it precariously, and getting most of the food on the floor. You can always come back for more of your favorite food, not to mention that you won’t waste as much food since you’re getting only as much as you actually eat.

Tip: Bread doesn’t give good value for your money in a buffet. Instead, head for the meat and seafood, enjoy every bite, and get great value – bread will only make you fuller faster.

Don’t Use Anything Other than What’s Provided for Serving

Never ever use your spoon, knife and fork for your personal use in getting food from the serving dishes, ever! You should use the serving utensils specifically provided for the purpose, whether these a tongs or large spoons. You should also never use a serving utensil used for a dish on another dish because the flavors are ruined otherwise, such as when using a tapioca spoon for the chocolate pudding.  

And never use your hands to get food from the serving dishes, too! You must not lick your hands, too, even when the food is finger-licking good – it’s just bad manners.

Fortunately, you will find that there are plenty of must-dos at a Golden Corral buffet restaurant, too. Do enjoy the food and drinks, do appreciate the reasonable prices, and do come back as many times as you want.

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