Cheap Yet Terrific Eateries in Seattle

Cheap Yet Terrific Eateries in Seattle

One of the best things about buffets is that it’s a great deal—you can eat all you can for a reasonable amount of money. Even if you go to Las Vegas and indulge in the Bellagio buffet, for example, and adult pays only $25 for breakfast and $28 for lunch. And you won’t leave unsatisfied.

If you’re in Seattle, however, you can pretty much find lots of restaurants that also offer fantastic meals at very low prices. If you’re trying to limit your budget while still sating your foodie preferences, then you should try these great cheap Seattle eateries:

Taco Street, 7136 Martin Luther King Jr Way S #102

You can find this taco place near the Othello station, where they serve fantastic soft tacos Northern Chihuahua-style. These naked tacos come with your choice of meat, and you can also try their breakfast burritos, tortas, and regular burritos.

Many of the menu items cost less than $5. And you can customize your orders, with plenty of options for toppings, salsas, and sauces.

Emerald City Fish and Chips, 3756 Rainier Ave S,

Do you have a craving for Southern-inspired fried seafood? If that’s the case, then head on out to this tiny eatery in South Seattle. This place has been serving terrific cod, catfish, halibut, and salmon for years. Add some po’ boys and gumbo, and the total cost should still be within your reach.

Man’oushe Express, 13721 Lake City Way NE

If you want some different bread for breakfast, then come here for some Middle Eastern flatbreads called mana’eesh (here’s how you make mana’eesh at home). They’re very affordable, very large, and very delicious, and that’s a formula that’s hard to beat. They pile these flatbreads on with ground lamb, za’atar, bulgur, kefir, and mint—if you’ve never heard of these things, now’s your chance to enjoy them!

Spice Waala, 340 15th Ave E #202

If you’re in the mood for some Indian street food, then try this restaurant on Capitol Hill. Get some chicken tikka kathi rolls and lamb kebab, and you’re good. if you insist on some gluten-free options, go with the padi chaat.

Xi’an Noodles, 5259 University Way NE

Ever since this place opened in 2016, it’s been serving some of the best Chinese food in Seattle. The stars of the show are the bowls of hand-pulled, wide biang biang noodles, which they make from scratch each day. If you’re new here, start with the spicy cumin lamb.

Frelard Tamales, 6412 Latona Ave NE

This restaurant has tamales for every type of fan of Mexican food. They have meat tamales, along with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free tamales as well. You can either pick up the food yourself or have it delivered, and you’ll get instructions on how to heat the food properly at home.

Marination, 2000 6th Ave

Have you ever wondered what a fusion of Hawaiian and Korean cuisines would taste like? Now you can experience this for yourself, as that what’s offered here. Here they offer takeout and delivery options, including the fantastically crispy aloha tots. Get some sliders and tacos as well.

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