The Most Fabulous Nightclubs in Las Vegas

The Most Fabulous Nightclubs in Las Vegas

How does a typical day in Las Vegas go? That’s different for every individual, but here’s a typical template. First, you gamble—if you’re not into gambling, going to Vegas doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

After that, you can then celebrate your winnings or compensate for your losses by eating a lot at a famous buffet. Then you can get to a nightclub and dance your night away. The dancing helps to burn off the calories from the buffet, while the drinks help you to celebrate your winnings or drown away your loser’s sorrows.

But where should you go when you’re in the mood for a nightclub visit in Las Vegas? As this is known as Sin City, Las Vegas does have its fair share of nightclubs. But if you want the best and biggest nightclubs in Vegas for 2022, then head on out to the following clubs:


Marquee is inside the famous Cosmopolitan, and the layout really gives you a fun vibe. It features an outdoor pool party during the day and then there’s an indoor nightclub at night that’s a frequent venue for world-renowned DJs and musicians.

The entry fee here isn’t as high as what you might pay at other nightclubs on the Strip, and the cocktails aren’t as expensive, either. So, it’s a good starter nightclub for newbies.


This is a fan favorite for many of the frequent nightclub goers here in Las Vegas. It doesn’t hurt that it’s in Caesars Palace so, you can head on out here after the gambling and the Bacchanal buffet. This terrific club features this amazing chandelier that’s absolutely huge, and it even rotates. And there’s also another room for hip-hop music with the DJ playing the current hits.

The main room under the chandelier, on the other hand, goes for EDM especially during the weekends. But on Sunday nights, it’s time for Latin music.

The place can get really crowded here, and you’ll pay a bit more for the drinks. But you really have to experience seeing that moving chandelier at least once in your life!


This is in the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, and the nightclub has made a name for itself with its fantastic light sculptures that light up the crowd as they dance while famous DJs take the stage. This nightclub has 3 floors for you to explore, and 2 of the rooms have regular DJs playing both hip-hop hits and EDM.

But in the main room, you have some of the best and most famous acts in the world. Just keep in mind that the main acts don’t come at well past midnight, at maybe 1am or 2 am. But you can dance the night away here and be showered in confetti, and have a great time.

EBC At Night

This time it’s inside the Encore Hotel, and you have a pool party with a famous DJ during the day and another famous DJ at night. It’s basically an all-day party concert. Here, you can dance all you want, and splash in the pool if you care to. There are also floaties here where you can just chill. And if you’re willing to pay extra, you’ve got exclusive cabanas with tables and bottle service.

The summer can result in insanely long lines, and it won’t even matter if you have a table reservation. You’ll just have to wait.

Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub

This is another pool party, now inside the Cromwell Hotel. Here you have the pool and the palm trees, the busy dance floor, and the cozy booths. And on weekends, you get the famous hip-hop artists leading the party.

Again, the famous acts don’t come on until 2am or so. But you won’t mind waiting, as all the DJs here are just great.

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