How to Save Money When Dining at a Steakhouse

How to Save Money When Dining at a Steakhouse

Steakhouses can be pricey so dining in these spots is usually reserved for special occasions. To help you get the most bang for your money, here are some tips shared by steakhouse employees so you pay less for your meals.

1. Ask about veteran and senior discounts.

Many steakhouses and restaurant chains offer discounts or freebies to veterans and people over 65. Don’t be shy to ask about this.

2. Swap out sides.

Usually, steaks come with a side of mashed potatoes or rice. Try to (nicely) ask your server if you can swap it for other sides. You may be able to get a more expensive side without paying extra.

3. Sign up for their mailing list and rewards program.

Outback’s Dine Rewards, Fleming’s, Longhorn Steakhouse and many others can give you freebies and discounts by simply signing up.

4. Go there at happy hour.

Some steakhouses like Ruth’s Chris have a happy hour menu that lets you try their offerings for a fraction of the cost.

5. Check if they have an early bird special.

At Texas Roadhouse you pay only $10 – $12 for steak if you go there before 6pm Mondays through Fridays.

6. Try their small plates.

Steakhouses like Morton’s have a bar bites menu which lets you sample oysters, mini burgers and other items for a lot less.

7. Head over at lunch.

Lunch menus are often cheaper than dinner menus. The portions may be smaller but if you’re on a budget, it’s definitely something you can’t pass.

Eating Healthy at a Steakhouse

Steakhouses are the perfect place for a hearty meal. But to make sure you’re not jeopardizing your health, consider these insider secrets:

1. Choose your protein.

The tenderloin is the leanest muscle and usually has lower fat content than other steak cuts.

2. Eat a chockfull of vegetables.

Most steakhouses have a salad bar. Go for the raw selection and forego the cheeses and dressings, and opt for a fresh squeeze of lemon instead.

3. Try a non-meat dish.

It may seem weird to order a non-meat dish at a steakhouse but if you’re trying to watch your diet or maintain a certain weight, you ought to consider getting a seared tuna.

4. Forego the butter.

Pricey restaurants usually put butter in most of its dishes or side dishes. If you’re conscious about your health (and weight), tell your waiter you have a dairy allergy and they’ll make sure not to use butter.

5. Eat at a buffet.

Buffet like Aria and Bellagio always have a section for prime ribs, roast beef, and tenderloin steaks and you pay only one price for basically any food you want.

Enjoying a delicious steak can also provide you with several health benefits as long as you eat it in moderation. Steak is an excellent source of protein, an essential nutrient necessary for our body to function, and it can also help you lose or maintain weight.

Moreover, healthy fats from lean meat can help keep blood sugars at normal level. And finally, steak is loaded with vitamins, including B6, niacin, B12 and zinc which promotes healthy muscle mass, stronger immune system and a healthy brain.

By following the tips we’ve outlined here, not only will you be enjoying your steak at a discount, but you’re also making sure you avoid health problems.

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