Safeway Deli Menu Pricing Made Simple

Published on October 31, 2021 and updated on November 22, 2023.
Written by: Sabina H., Chief Editor. Not Safeway Deli-affiliated; prices vary, regularly updated.

Below are the latest Safeway Deli menu prices.

Item Price

Fresh Meat Produce

Extra Meaty Pork Loin Back Ribs (Per Pound) $3.99
Honeysuckle Whole White Turkey Breast (Per Pound) $1.99
USDA Choice Beef Boneless Top Loin New York Strip Steak (Per Pound) $7.99
Hormel Bacon or Jimmy Dean Sausage (Each) $4.99
Hillshire Farm Lit'l Smokies (2) $7.00
Lobster Tail (Each) $8.99
Green, Red, Orange, or Yellow Bell Peppers (10) $10.00
Large Navel, Cara Oranges or Minnesota Tangelos (Per Pound) $1.49
Tropical Mangos (Each) $1.99
Tomatoes on the Vine (Per Pound) $2.99
Safeway Farms or Fresh Express Salad Blend (2) $5.00
Large Yellow Peaches (Per Pound) $3.99
Snack Artist Roasted Pistachios with Sea Salt $5.00


Deli Counter Salad (Each) $5.00
Signature Cafe Cheese Pizza (Each) $5.00
All American Sub Sandwich (Each) $5.00
Open Nature Pita Chips (Each) $5.00
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About Safeway Deli

Safeway started out way back in 1915, and now it’s a supermarket chain that sells various food and grocery items, along with general merchandise. It has more than 900 stores spread out over 17 states, and today it’s a subsidiary of the Albertsons parent company.


Safeway started as a small grocery store in a small Idaho town, and it operated in a rather different way than the food stores of the time. S.M. Skaggs, who founded Safeway, viewed selling items on credit as “evil”, as this practice increased prices while customers became overly dependent on the sellers. Safeway started out with items strictly sold for cash.

Safeway was also an early proponent of the self-service concept, as having too many clerks added more costs to running the store and that resulted in higher prices to compensate.

As Safeway started out as a grocery and food store, it wasn’t much of a stretch that a deli was set up to offer prepared meals and sandwiches. The sandwiches at Safeway are especially popular, as they’re prepared very quickly while they’re still quite appetizing.

Hot Sandwiches

When you’re looking for a hot lunch done quickly and affordably, you can’t go wrong with a hot sandwich from Safeway. Here are some of the better choices:

Philly Cheesesteak

While Safeway offers quite a long list of sandwiches, virtually all of them feature the lettuce-tomato-topping as an option. The main exception to this is the Philly Cheesesteak, but it does have its own appeal.

You have ample amounts of roast beef enhanced by American and provolone cheeses, along with other toppings such as onions and green peppers. These are all placed inside a soft roll with a mayo spread, and the resulting sandwich is extremely delicious.

Smoked Turkey Chipotle

This is one of the most popular sandwiches in Safeway, and it sure has plenty of fans. Here you have a soft roll bread, with slices of smoked turkey meat, some pieces of bacon, and pepper jack cheese. You can opt to add some lettuce and tomato as well.

Chicken Bacon Avocado

It’s a very descriptive name, isn’t it? It starts with focaccia bread, and then you get chicken and bacon along with some avocado and aioli. The lettuce and tomato topping is also a great option.

Cold Sandwiches

Cold sandwiches do have their own loyal fan bases, and these sandwiches are great especially when you’re picking them up or having them delivered to your home. Delays don’t affect cold sandwiches at all, unlike hot sandwiches that may not taste as good if you wait too long to eat them.

The great cold sandwiches at Safeway include:

Turkey Bacon Avocado

The name alone might get your appetite going, doesn’t it? It’s actually a light cold sandwich that won’t get you feeling too heavy afterwards.

It starts with sourdough rolls with some avocado and ranch dressing. Then the sandwich is topped with some slices of turkey meat along with some bacon. Of course, there’s the lettuce-tomato topping as an option.

All Meat

If you’re a dedicated carnivore who’s not sure what meat to eat, just get this sandwich. It’s loaded with various meats, such as ham, turkey, salami, and roasted beef. You then get some provolone cheese, along with onions, plus honey and mustard spread over the sliced white bread. This is one monster sandwich that should sate your appetite, especially with the lettuce and tomato added.


This is another light sandwich, featuring a sourdough roll topped with prosciutto, salami, and pepperoncini, plus aioli and mozzarella cheese. The flavor is amazing, even as it’s light for your stomach. Try it with the lettuce and tomato topping as well.

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