Classic Wine and Cheese Pairings

Classic Wine and Cheese Pairings

Wine and cheese are a great combination but it doesn’t mean any wine will do. Take a look at this list to help guide you when choosing your wine and cheeses:

Champagne and Brie

The soft texture of very creamy cheeses like Brie needs a drink that is acidic and sharp to cut through the fat. Champagne has high acidity and when you combine it with Brie’s thick creaminess is just the right contrast.

Pinot Noir and Gruyere

Pinot Noir has fruity notes which makes it the perfect match for cheeses with nutty tones like the Gruyere. Both have the right amount of complexity and aroma to them, without overpowering the other.

Port and Blue Stilton

Port is a full bodied sweet wine with a bold character which is why it works well with a pungent cheese like the Blue Stilton.

Tempranillo and Idiazabal

Tempranillo and Idiazabal are Spanish and have smoky savory flavors that mesh together perfectly. The full bodied Tempranillo is great with Idiazabal’s hard texture. Moreover, the wine’s tannins contrast well with the cheese’s buttery taste.

Moscato d’Asti and Gorgonzola

The lightness of Moscato and other sweet whites is a welcome change for those who only drink heavy wines with pungent cheese. The fresh, acidic fruity notes of Moscato d’Asti cleanses your mouth of Gorgonzola and other heavy cheeses.

Sauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese

Most goat cheeses are earthy and tart but the flavor is rather straightforward. You need the mineral and citrus notes of a Sauvignon Blanc to bring out some complexity. Moreover, the acidity of the wine is also a great way to cut through the goat cheese.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Aged Cheddar

A bolder aged cheese can be very fatty which is why cabernet sauvignon is a good match. Its mouth-drying tannins can also cut through the fat. Both have bold flavors that match each other.

Riesling and Raclette

Raclette is a smooth and buttery cheese that complements the high acidity and fruitty flavors of a Riesling. The wine’s aromatic scents bring out a surprising nuttiness in Havarti cheese.

Vermentino and Fiore Sardo

This nutty sheep’s cheese does very well when paired with Vermentino. Both have saline flavors and each one enhances the other. Vermentino’s citrus notes cut through the fatty character Fiore Sardo.

Malbec and Edam

Edam’s nutty flavors and the velvety fruity notes of Malbec makes this pairing enjoyable for just about anyone.. Both are flavorful and aromatic and by combining them you get a combination of complex flavors that work very well.

If you’re planning a party or dinner and you’d like to serve wine and cheese, try a couple of the combinations we’ve listed here and your friends will have a grand time. Or you can also use the information you’ve gathered from this article next time you see the cheese display at Wicked Spoon and be sure to order yourself some wine.

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