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Updated: February 18, 2024

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By: Angela Harper

China Wall Buffet is a popular Chinese restaurant chain that has been serving authentic Chinese cuisine for several years. With over 10 locations across the United States, China Wall Buffet has become a favorite destination for those seeking delicious Chinese food. In this article, we will explore the long history of China Wall Buffet and what it is known for.

Below are the latest China Wall Buffet prices.

Item Price


White Rice $2.99
Spring Rolls (4) $2.99
Sesame Balls (4) $1.99
Dumpling (5) $3.95
Fried Plantain $5.99
French Fries $2.99
Chicken Wings (6 pcs) $6.99
Teriyaki Chicken Skewers (6) $6.99


(served with rice).
Mixed Vegetables $7.95
String Bean $7.99
Butter Potato $8.99


Lo Mein $7.99
Fried Rice $6.99
Mei Fun $7.99
Singapore Mei Fun $9.99


(served with rice).
Black Pepper Chicken $9.99
Jalapeño Chicken $10.99
Spicy Chicken and Shrimp $11.99
Sesame Chicken $10.99
Chicken and Vegetables $9.99
General Tso’s Chicken $10.99
Kung Pao Chicken $9.99
Chicken and Mushroom $9.99
Chicken and Broccoli $9.99


(served with rice).
Hunan Beef $11.99
Pepper Beef $11.99
Beef and Vegetables $11.99
Beef and Broccoli $11.99
Beef and Mushroom $11.99


(served with rice).
Mapo Tofu $7.99
Hunan Pork $9.99
Pork and Mushroom $9.99
Double Cooked Pork $9.99


(served with rice).
Sole Fillet (1) $6.99
Salted Shrimp $11.99
Coconut Shrimp $12.99
Vegetables, Shrimp and Chicken $11.99
Clams $11.99
Shrimp and Broccoli $10.99
Shrimp and Mixed Vegetables $10.99
Salted Blue Crabs $13.99
Seasoned Crawfish $12.99


Hot and Sour Soup $3.00
Wonton Soup $3.00
Egg Drop Soup $2.50


California Roll (8 pcs) $5.99
Fried Shrimp Roll (8pcs) $8.99
House Special (8pcs) $10.99
Spicy Crab Rolls $9.99
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The Founding of China Wall Buffet

China Wall Buffet was founded by a group of Chinese immigrants who had a passion for cooking and a love for their cultural cuisine. The first restaurant was opened in 2008 in Illinois, and it quickly became popular among locals. The restaurant’s founders were dedicated to offering a wide variety of dishes and using only high-quality ingredients, and this commitment to excellence helped the restaurant grow in popularity.

What Sets China Wall Buffet Apart?

One of the unique features of China Wall Buffet is the variety of dishes it offers. The restaurant offers a wide range of Chinese cuisine, including appetizers, soups, entrees, and desserts. This variety allows customers to sample different flavors and dishes, all in one place. Additionally, the restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat buffet, giving customers the opportunity to try multiple dishes without breaking the bank.

Another feature that sets China Wall Buffet apart is the attention to detail in its dishes. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients, authentic herbs and spices, and traditional cooking methods to create flavorful and authentic Chinese cuisine. From classic dishes like Sweet and Sour Chicken to lesser-known dishes like Hot and Spicy Shrimp, China Wall Buffet offers a wide variety of dishes that are sure to satisfy any craving.

The Growth of China Wall Buffet

Over the years, China Wall Buffet has continued to expand, opening restaurants in new locations across the United States. This growth is a testament to the restaurant’s popularity and the quality of its food. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, China Wall Buffet has continued to serve its customers, offering takeout and delivery options to ensure that everyone can enjoy their favorite Chinese dishes.

What to Expect at China Wall Buffet

When visiting a China Wall Buffet restaurant, customers can expect a warm and inviting atmosphere, with friendly staff and traditional Chinese decor. The buffet is typically stocked with a variety of dishes, including vegetarian options and desserts. The restaurant also offers a menu for those who prefer to order individual dishes.

In conclusion, China Wall Buffet is a popular Chinese restaurant chain that has been serving authentic Chinese cuisine for several years. With a wide variety of dishes and a commitment to using high-quality ingredients, it has become a go-to destination for those seeking delicious Chinese food. Whether you’re a longtime fan or trying it for the first time, China Wall Buffet is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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