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Updated: February 11, 2024

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Bar BQ Tonight Buffet is a restaurant that has been serving up delicious food for over a decade. The restaurant first opened its doors in the early 2010s and has been a favorite of locals and tourists alike ever since. Bar BQ Tonight Buffet is known for its mouth-watering barbecue dishes, as well as its selection of Pakistani and Indian cuisine.

Below are the latest Bar Bq Tonight Buffet prices. (Pakistan)



Baba GanoushRs350.00
Supreme NachosRs500.00
Aloo Bukhara (Plum Chutney)Rs450.00
Fattoush SaladRs350.00
Hot & Sour SoupRs350.00
Green SaladRs300.00
Chicken Corn SoupRs300.00
Mulligatawny SoupRs300.00
Chicken Wings W/ Hot SauceRs750.00
Tomato SoupRs300.00
Kachumber SaladRs250.00
Russian SaladRs350.00
Turkish SaladRs400.00
French FriesRs350.00

Chef's Recommendation

Reshmi Paneer HandiRs1600.00
Chicken CharghaRs600.00
Vegetable RiceRs400.00
Prawn MasalaRs1800.00
Palak PaneerRs1000.00
Brain MasalaRs1800.00
Chicken White KarahiRs1600.00
Chicken JalfreziRs950.00
Mixed VegetableRs850.00
Chicken GingerRs1600.00
Chicken HandiRs1600.00
Mutton KarahiRs2600.00
Chicken KarahiRs1500.00
Tawa ChickenRs1400.00
Reshmi HandiRs1600.00

Steak House Specialities

Chicken SteakRs1200.00
American SteakRs1800.00
Pepper SteakRs1800.00
Bar.B.Q Tenderloin SteakRs1800.00

Seafood Specialities

Fried Whole Red SnapperRs3500.00
Finger FishRs1200.00
Fried FishRs1400.00
Fish TikkaRs1600.00
Grilled Jumbo PrawnsRs2400.00
Fried PrawnsRs1600.00
Fish KababRs1400.00

Afghan & Middle Eastern Specialities

Persian Platter (Recommended For Four Persons. An Authentic Persian Combination Of Joojeh And Koobideh Kabab Served With Saffron Rice)Rs4500.00
Chelo Kabab KoobidehRs1200.00
Chelo Joojeh ChickenRs1200.00
Afghani Chicken BotiRs1050.00
Afghani Chicken KababRs1050.00
Royal Kabuli Pulao ChickenRs850.00
Chicken Chapli KababRs1050.00
Namkeen Chicken BotiRs1200.00
Shish Touk (Chicken)Rs1200.00
Chapli Kabab BeefRs1250.00
Afghani Kabab BeefRs1250.00
Afghani Tikka BeefRs1400.00

Bar.B.Q Specialities

Mixed Grill (Recommended For 2 To 3 Persons. A Combination Of Malai Tikka, Gola Kabab, Lahori Chops, Reshmi Kabab, Chicken Boti, And Kandhari Naan)Rs3050.00
B.B.Q Chicken ShashlikRs1200.00
Bar.B.Q Special Platter (Recommended For Six Persons. A Combination Of Grilled Prawns, Fish Tikka, Mutton Ribs, Reshmi Kabab, Chicken Boti, Afghani Tikka, Malai Tikka, Mutton Boti, Kabuli Pulao, Salad, Raita With Special Naans)Rs14350.00
B.B.Q Mutton RibsRs2400.00
B.B.Q Mutton LegRs3200.00
Chicken SatayRs1050.00
B.B.Q Mutton ChopsRs1800.00
Malai TikkaRs1200.00

Bar.B.Q Dishes

Vegetable Seekh KababRs750.00
Mutton Hunzai KababRs1400.00
Chicken Behari KababRs1050.00
Chicken Reshmi KababRs1000.00
Paneer TikkaRs750.00
Chicken TikkaRs400.00
Mutton Seekh KababRs1200.00
Seekh KababRs1000.00
Beef Behari KababRs1050.00
Chicken Cheese KababRs1200.00
Mutton BotiRs1800.00


Cheese NaanRs350.00
Kalonji NaanRs80.00
Plain NaanRs40.00
Beef Qeema NaanRs1050.00
Garlic NaanRs75.00
Whole Wheat NaanRs60.00
Roghni NaanRs75.00
Chicken Qeema NaanRs950.00
Kandhari NaanRs60.00


Cold DrinkRs85.00
Mint LemonadeRs200.00
Premium Drinking WaterRs75.00
Cane JuiceRs200.00
Fresh LimeRs140.00
Green TeaRs75.00


Suji HalwaRs350.00
Meetha ParathaRs150.00
Ice Cream HomemadeRs350.00
Fruit TrifleRs350.00

Below are the latest Bar Bq Tonight Buffet prices. (USA)

Item Price

Popular Items

Chicken Tikka (Bone in 5) $10.99
Butter Chicken $15.99
Kheer $4.99
Chicken Biryani $11.99
Beef Seekh Kabob $11.99
Goat Korma $15.99
Chicken Korma $14.99


Vegetable Samosa (Two Pieces) $5.00
Meat Samosa (Two Pieces) $6.00
Chicken Pakora $7.99
Vegetable Pakora $5.99
Chat Papri $5.99
Alo Tikka Chat $6.00
Samosa Platter $7.00
Dahi Bhalay $6.00


Chicken & Corn $5.99
Hot & Sour $5.99
Vegetable $5.99


Kachoomer $4.99
Garden $4.99

Meat Roll

With raita and sliced onions wrapped in hand rolled bread.
Chicken Roll $6.99
Kabob Roll $6.99
Paratha Roll $6.99

Kabob Specials

Chicken Tikka (Bone in 5) (Kabob Specials) $10.99
Chicken Boneless Kabob $11.99
Rashmi Kabob $10.99
Whole Chicken $21.99
Malai Kabob $11.99
Lamb Kabob $13.99
Champ Tandoori $16.99
Beef Chapli Kabob $12.99
Chicken Chapli Kabob $11.99
Behari Kabob $12.99
Beef Seekh Kabob (Kabob Specials) $11.99
Lahori Fried Fish (Boneless) $12.99
Combo 1 $19.99
Combo 2 $15.99
BBQ Tonight Special $24.99

Meat Specials

Tawa Chicken $14.99
Butter Chicken (Meat Specials) $15.99
Chicken Tikka Masala $15.99
Chicken Jalfarazi $14.99
Chicken Handi $22.99
Chicken Korma (Meat Specials) $14.99
Goat Korma (Meat Specials) $15.99
Goat Bohna Punjabi $15.99
Beef Korma $15.99
Beef Curry $15.99
Beef Tikka Masala $15.99
Beef Vandolu $15.99

Karahi Special

Goat Karahi (With Bone In) $29.99
Lamb Karahi (With Bone In) $29.99
Kabob Karahi (Four Skewers Of Ground Beef Kabob) $29.99
Chicken Karahi (Chunk Pieces With Bone In) $25.99
Chicken Karahi (Boneless Grilled Chicken) $27.99
Mughaz Karahi (Goat Brain) $29.99
Vegetable Karahi $17.99

Vegetable Delight

Traditional Pakistani style.
Special Sarson Ka Saag $11.99
Bhindi Masala $11.99
Allo Gobi $9.99
Palak Paneer $11.99
Chana Masala $9.99
Allo Matar $9.99

Paratha Special

Plain Pratha $3.50
Keema Paratha $6.00
Allo Paratha $5.00
Vegetable Pratha $5.00

Pakistani Style Rice

Chicken Biryani (Pakistani Style Rice) $11.99
Goat Biryani $13.99
Vegetable Biryani $9.99
Plain Rice $4.99

Bread From The Oven

Tandoori Naan $1.50
Tandoori Rogani Naan $1.99
Tandoori Roti $1.99
Tandoori Plain Paratha $2.99
Tandoori Aalo Paratha $4.99
Tandoori Keema Paratha $5.99
Tandoori Garlic Naan $2.99
Tandoori Onion Naan $2.99

Daily Special

Meat Curry $9.99
Chicken Curry $8.99
Vegetable Curry $7.99
Vegetable Mix Platter $14.99
Halwa Puri (Two Pieces) $6.99
Puris (Each Pieces) $1.99


Kheer (Desserts) $4.99
Gulab Jamun $3.99
Gajar Halwa $4.99
Kulfi $2.50


Soft Drinks $1.99
Sweet & Salty Lassi $3.99
Mango Lassi $3.99
Kashmiri Tea $2.99
Kawa (Green Tea) $1.99
Chai $2.50
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Bar BQ Tonight Buffet: A Meat Lover’s Paradise

The history of Bar BQ Tonight Buffet is a story of passion and tradition. The restaurant was founded by a family who had a love for barbecue and a desire to share it with others. They worked tirelessly to create a restaurant that offered a wide variety of dishes, using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

One of the things that sets Bar BQ Tonight Buffet apart from other restaurants is its commitment to quality meat. The restaurant offers a variety of barbecue dishes, from chicken tikka to beef kabobs to lamb chops, all prepared to perfection on the grill. In addition to barbecue, Bar BQ Tonight Buffet also offers a selection of Pakistani and Indian dishes, including biryani and tandoori chicken.

Bar BQ Tonight Buffet specializes in meat dishes, but they also offer a variety of vegetarian options as well. Some of the most popular items on the menu include vegetable samosas and chana masala. The restaurant also offers a selection of desserts, including ras malai and gulab jamun.

In addition to its delicious food, Bar BQ Tonight Buffet also offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant is decorated in warm colors and features a spacious dining area, making it the perfect place to gather with friends and family for a delicious meal.

If you’re a meat lover looking for a delicious meal, Bar BQ Tonight Buffet is the perfect choice. With its long history of dedication to quality and tradition, it’s no wonder that this restaurant has become a favorite of locals and tourists alike. So why not stop by and experience the flavors for yourself?

To learn more about Bar Bq Tonight Buffet or to find a location near you, visit their website at