Chutney Chang Buffet Prices

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2023. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Chutney Chang Buffet prices. (India)


Veg Combo

Veg Biryani Combo₹199.00
Veg Chinese Combo₹199.00
Veg Fried Rice Combo₹199.00

Non Veg Combo

Chicken Noodles Combo₹ 225.00
Chicken Biriyani Combo₹225.00
Chicken Fried Rice Combo₹225.00

Veg Starters

Achari Paneer Tikka₹210.00
Banjara Paneer Tikka₹210.00
Tillwale Karare Babycorn₹159.00
Cheese Chilly Baby Roll₹149.00

Non Veg Starters

Sechzwan Chicken Dry₹199.00
Chilly Chicken Dry₹199.00
Murgh Kalimirch Kebab₹199.00
Murgh Reshmi Kebeb₹199.00
Bbq Chicken Wings₹199.00
Murgh Ka Soola₹220.00

Veg Rice

Subz Dum Biryani₹159.00
Subz Dum Pulao₹159.00

Non Veg Rice

Chicken Dum Biryani₹199.00

Veg Main Course

Paneer Jalfrazi₹215.00
Dal Makhni₹179.00
Gheewali Dal₹149.00
Subz Kadai Masala₹179.00

Non Veg Main Course

Chicken In Hot Garlic Sauce₹199.00
Peshawari Murgh Asala₹199.00
Lahori Murgh Masala₹199.00
Slice Chicken In Tsing Hoi Sauce₹199.00

Indian Breads

Tandoori Roti₹50.00
Butter Naan Or Plain₹60.00
Butter Kulcha Or Plain₹60.00
Laccha Paratha₹60.00


Moongdal Halwa₹149.00
Gajar Ka Halwa₹119.00
Gulab Jamoon₹129.00

Chutney Chang Buffet: A Fusion of Indian Cuisine

Chutney Chang Buffet is a popular Indian restaurant chain that offers a fusion of Indian cuisine. With several locations across India, Chutney Chang Buffet has become a favorite destination for those seeking a variety of flavors. In this article, we will explore the long history of Chutney Chang Buffet and what it is known for.

The Founding of Chutney Chang Buffet

Chutney Chang Buffet was founded in 1996 in Bangalore, India. The restaurant’s founders were inspired by the traditional Indian thali, a platter of different dishes served together. They wanted to offer a modern take on the thali, with a wide variety of dishes that could be sampled in one place.

What Sets Chutney Chang Buffet Apart?

One of the unique features of Chutney Chang Buffet is the variety of dishes it offers. The restaurant offers a fusion of Indian cuisine, with dishes from different regions of India, as well as Chinese and Continental cuisine. This variety allows customers to sample different flavors and dishes, all in one place. Additionally, the restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat buffet, giving customers the opportunity to try multiple dishes without breaking the bank.

Another feature that sets Chutney Chang Buffet apart is the attention to detail in its dishes. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients, authentic herbs and spices, and traditional cooking methods to create flavorful and authentic Indian cuisine. From classic dishes like Butter Chicken to lesser-known dishes like Andhra Gongura Mutton, Chutney Chang Buffet offers a wide variety of dishes that are sure to satisfy any craving.

The Growth of Chutney Chang Buffet

Over the years, Chutney Chang Buffet has continued to expand, opening restaurants in new locations across India. This growth is a testament to the restaurant’s popularity and the quality of its food. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Chutney Chang Buffet has continued to serve its customers, offering takeout and delivery options to ensure that everyone can enjoy their favorite dishes.

What to Expect at Chutney Chang Buffet

When visiting a Chutney Chang Buffet restaurant, customers can expect a warm and inviting atmosphere, with friendly staff and traditional Indian decor. The buffet is typically stocked with a variety of dishes, including vegetarian options and desserts. The restaurant also offers a menu for those who prefer to order individual dishes.

In conclusion, Chutney Chang Buffet is a popular Indian restaurant chain that offers a fusion of Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisine. With a commitment to using high-quality ingredients and offering an all-you-can-eat buffet, it has become a go-to destination for those seeking a delicious and affordable meal. Whether you’re a longtime fan or trying it for the first time, Chutney Chang Buffet is sure to leave a lasting impression.

To learn more about Chutney Chang Buffet or to find a location near you, visit their official Facebook page.