Chef Chen Buffet Menu

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2023. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Chef Chen Buffet menu prices.

Item Price

Sushi & Roll

J1. California Roll $6.85
J5. crispy crab roll $6.15
J4. shrimp tempura $7.45
spicy tuna roll $7.45
J7. crunch roll $6.85
J13. crazy crab Roll $9.95
J12.spicy california Roll $7.45
J10. Philadelphia Roll $7.45
J6. Salmon Roll $6.15
J20. masago Sushi $5.50
J3. Tuna Roll $6.15
J16. Salmon Sushi $6.15
J14. Ebi (Shrimp) Sushi $5.65
J8. Vegetable Roll $5.25
J15. Tuna Sushi $6.15
Seaweed Salad $5.50
J19. Kani Sushi $4.95
J17. white fish $4.95


includes:Egg roll,soup,fried rice and cheese wonton choice of soup: egg drop, hot&sour,wonton
L4. Sesame Chicken $14.95
L1. General Tso's Chicken $14.95
L14. Honey Chicken $14.95
L6. Sweet and Sour Chicken $14.95
L7. Mongolian Beef $14.95
L8. Beef with Broccoli $14.95
L9. Pepper Steak $14.95
L15. Chicken Broccoli $14.95
L18. Lo Mein $14.95
L5. Kung Pao Chicken $14.95
L11. Sweet and Sour Shrimp $14.95
L20. Fried Rice $14.95
L3. Chicken in Garlic Sauce $14.95
L10. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce $14.95
L16. Hunan Beef $14.95
L13. Empress Chicken $14.95
L2. Snow White Chicken $14.95
L12. Lemon Chicken $14.95
L17. Vegetable Delight $14.95


6. Steamed or Fried Dumplings (6) $8.50
8. Fried Cheese Wonton (8) $6.88
7. Chicken Stick (8) $9.95
1. Egg Roll (1) $1.85
3. Fried Donut (10) $6.85
9. Pu Pu Platter (for 2) $14.95
4. Chicken Wings (8) $10.65
chicken nuggets W. Fries $7.45
5. Fried Shrimp Cantonese Style (15) $9.95
2. Spring Roll (1) $1.85


21. Egg Drop Soup $3.15
22. Hot and Sour Soup $3.15
20. Wonton Soup(S) $3.15
27. Chicken Sizzling Rice Soup (Qt.) $7.45
24. Chicken Rice or Noodle Soup (Qt.) $7.45
26. House Special Wonton Soup (Qt.) $7.45
28. Seafood Sizzling Rice Soup (Qt.) $8.15
Crispy noodles $0.75
23. Vegetable Soup (QT) $6.15
25. Sau Shan Soup (Qt.) $7.45

Lo Mein

40. Chicken Lo Mein $12.45
45. Chef Chen Lo Mein $13.65
43. Vegetable Lo Mein $11.65
42. Beef Lo Mein $13.65
44. Shrimp Lo Mein $13.65
41. Pork Lo Mein $12.45

Fried Rice

50. Chicken Fried Rice $12.45
54. Shrimp Fried Rice $13.65
55. Chef Chen Fried Rice $13.65
53. Vegetable Fried Rice $11.65
52. Beef Fried Rice $13.65
51. Pork Fried Rice $12.45

Egg Foo Young

with steamed rice or fried rice
64. Shrimp Egg Foo Young $14.95
60. Chicken Egg Foo Young $13.65
65. Chef Chen Egg Foo Young $14.95
61. Pork Egg Foo Young $13.65
63. Vegetable Egg Foo Young $12.45
62. Beef Egg Foo Young $14.95


with steamed rice or fried rice
77. Sesame Chicken $15.50
70. Sweet and Sour Chicken $14.95
71. Chicken with Broccoli $14.95
76. General Tso's Chicken $15.50
82. Honey Chicken $15.50
84. Black Pepper Chicken $15.50
87. Orange Chicken $15.50
83. Korean Chicken $14.95
85. Almond or Cashew Chicken $14.95
79. Kung Pao Chicken $14.95
89. Coconut Chicken $15.50
80. Chicken with Vegetables $14.95
75. Szechuan Chicken $14.95
78. Mu Shu Chicken $17.50
81. Empress Chicken $14.95
73. Snow White Chicken $14.95
72. Chicken in Garlic Sauce $14.95
88. Garlic Chicken $14.95
74. Lemon Chicken $14.95
86. Black Mushroom Chicken $14.95


with steamed rice or fried rice
96. Mu Shu Pork $16.18
94. Twice Cooked Pork $13.15
93. Pork with Mushroom $13.15
95. Hot Braised Pork $13.15
90. Pork with Broccoli $13.15
92. Pork in Garlic Sauce $13.15
91. Pork with Snow Peas $13.15


with steamed rice or fried rice
108. Mongolian Beef $16.18
102. Pepper Steak $16.18
100. Beef with Broccoli $16.18
105. Hunan Beef $16.18
104. Sesame Beef $17.45
107. Mu Shu Beef $17.45
111. Kung Bao Beef $16.18
114. Beef with Oyster Sauce $16.18
106. Beef in Garlic Sauce $16.18
103. Beef with Snow Peas $16.18
101. Sautéed Shredded Beef $16.18
109. Peking Beef $17.45
110. Curry Beef $16.18
112. Black Mushroom Beef $16.18
113. Beef with Black Bean Sauce $16.18
115. Sa Cha Beef $17.45


with steamed rice or fried rice
201. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce $16.18
200. Sweet and Sour Shrimp $16.18
202. Shrimp with Broccoli $16.18
208. Shrimp with Vegetables $16.18
209. Tomato Shrimp $18.65
203. Shrimp in Garlic Sauce $16.18
204. Kung Pao Shrimp $16.18
Crawfish (1/lb) $8.50
205. Curry Shrimp with Onion $16.18
Hot Pepper Shrimp $18.65
210. Peking Shrimp $18.65

Vegetable Dishes

with steamed rice or fried rice
300. Sautéed String Beans $10.65
303. Mixed Chinese Vegs $10.65
301. Sautéed Broccoli with Brown Sauce $10.65
302. Sautéed Broccoli with Garlic Sauce $10.65
304. Bean Curd Szechuan Style $10.65
306. Mu Shu Vegetables $14.65
305. Bean Curd Home Style $10.65


Soft Drinks (M) $2.00
Soft drinks (L) $2.75
Iced Tea (M) $2.00
Ice tea (L) $2.75
Hot Tea $1.85
Coffee $2.00


with fried rice/mix vegies/soup
chicken $14.95
steak $18.65
shrimp $18.65
vegetable $13.65
salmon $18.65

Hibachi combo

with fried rice/mix veggies/soup
shrimpandsteak $22.45
chickenandsteak $21.15
chickenandshrimp $21.15
steakandsalmon $22.45
chickenandsalmon $21.15
shrimpandsalmon $22.45


Yummy sauce $0.65
Teriyaki sauce $0.65
Sweet chili $0.65
Hot sauce $0.65
Sriracha $0.65
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Chef Chen Buffet: A Delicious Journey Through Time

If you are a food lover in search of a great meal, then Chef Chen Buffet is the place to be. Located in the heart of the city, this restaurant is a popular destination for people of all ages. In this article, we will take a closer look at the history of Chef Chen Buffet and what makes it stand out in the crowded food industry.

The Origins of Chef Chen Buffet

Chef Chen Buffet was founded in 1995 by a Chinese immigrant named Chen. He had a passion for cooking and wanted to share his love for Chinese cuisine with the world. He opened the restaurant with the aim of serving authentic Chinese dishes using the freshest ingredients available.

What Makes Chef Chen Buffet Unique?

Chef Chen Buffet is known for its unique blend of traditional Chinese cuisine with a modern twist. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods to create dishes that are both delicious and healthy. The decor of the restaurant is also worth mentioning, as it is designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests.

One of the unique features of Chef Chen Buffet is its variety of dishes. The restaurant serves a wide range of Chinese dishes, including appetizers, soups, entrees, and desserts. The buffet-style service allows guests to try different dishes and flavors without having to order them separately.

The Food at Chef Chen Buffet

Chef Chen Buffet is best known for its delicious Chinese dishes, which are made with fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods. The restaurant uses a variety of spices and seasonings to create unique flavors that are sure to satisfy any palate.

One of the most popular dishes at Chef Chen Buffet is the “General Tso’s Chicken.” This dish is made with tender chicken pieces that are coated in a crispy batter and served with a sweet and spicy sauce. Another popular dish is the “Beef and Broccoli,” which features tender slices of beef and fresh broccoli in a savory sauce.

In addition to these dishes, Chef Chen Buffet also serves a variety of vegetarian options, including tofu dishes and vegetable stir-fries. The restaurant also offers a wide range of desserts, including fresh fruit, cakes, and ice cream.

In Conclusion

Chef Chen Buffet has been a staple of the food industry for over 25 years, and it’s not hard to see why. The restaurant’s commitment to using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods, combined with its unique blend of traditional Chinese cuisine and modern twists, make it a must-visit destination for food lovers. So, the next time you are in the mood for some delicious Chinese food, be sure to check out Chef Chen Buffet!

To learn more about Chef Chen Buffet or to find a location near you, visit their official Facebook page.