Charley’s Buffet Prices

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2023. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Charley’s Buffet prices.


Flavors: Ginn and White

Bread and Buns $4.00
Frozen Bread Marked$2.00
Fried Chicken$2.00
Homemade Bread$2.00
Salad Bar$2.00



Small,Medium,Large $15 + Tax
Xl, 2XL$18 + Tax
3XL, 4XL$20 + Tax
Charleys Hoodies Half-Zips, Or Sweatpants$25 + Tax

Charley’s Buffet: A Delicious Slice of History

Charley’s Buffet has been serving up delicious meals for over a century, making it a beloved part of Nebraska’s culinary history. From its humble beginnings as a small café in downtown Lincoln in 1930, Charley’s Buffet has grown to become a local institution, known for its homestyle cooking and friendly atmosphere.

Charley’s Buffet specializes in classic American cuisine, with an emphasis on comfort food favorites like fried chicken, pot roast, and mashed potatoes. Their menu is designed to appeal to all tastes and dietary needs, with options for vegetarians and gluten-free diners.

One of the unique features of Charley’s Buffet is their all-you-can-eat buffet, which offers a wide variety of dishes to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast, a light salad, or a hearty steak dinner, you’ll find it all at Charley’s.

But what sets Charley’s Buffet apart from other restaurants is not just its delicious food, but its rich history. Over the years, Charley’s has become a beloved part of the Lincoln community, serving generations of families and attracting visitors from far and wide.

From its early days as a small café, Charley’s Buffet has weathered the ups and downs of the restaurant industry, surviving through economic downturns and changing tastes. Through it all, Charley’s has remained committed to providing delicious food and excellent service to its customers.

If you’re looking for a taste of Nebraska’s history, look no further than Charley’s Buffet. With its homestyle cooking and friendly atmosphere, it’s a great place to enjoy a delicious meal and experience a slice of the past.

Charley’s Buffet: A Family Affair

Charley’s Buffet has always been a family affair, with multiple generations of the same family working together to keep the restaurant running smoothly. The founder, Charley Wohlners, began his career as a chef in the early 20th century, working in various restaurants before opening his own café in downtown Lincoln.

When the café was destroyed by a fire in 1935, Charley rebuilt it as a larger, more modern restaurant. Over the years, Charley’s Buffet has continued to grow and evolve, with Charley’s son and grandsons taking over the business and bringing their own unique perspectives and ideas.

Today, Charley’s Buffet is run by third-generation owner John Wohlners and his wife, Lisa. They continue to honor Charley’s legacy by offering the same high-quality food and friendly service that has made the restaurant a local favorite for generations.

In addition to running the restaurant, the Wohlners family is also involved in various community and philanthropic activities. They support local charities and organizations, and often donate food and supplies to those in need.

For the Wohlners family, Charley’s Buffet is more than just a business – it’s a labor of love and a way to give back to the community they call home. And for the customers who visit Charley’s, it’s a chance to experience a delicious meal and a piece of Nebraska history, all in one place.

So the next time you’re in Lincoln, be sure to stop by Charley’s Buffet and enjoy a taste of the past, served up with a side of family tradition.

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